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Innovating: A Doer's Manifesto  
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Prototyping Problems, 
Scaling Up, and Learning
to Be Productively Wrong

The MIT Press 2017-2018



You can now access my work in Spanish thanks to a collaboration with Fundación Rafael del Pino

Ahora, gracias a una colaboración con La Fundación Rafael del Pino puedes obtener el libro en Español y acceder al contenido que enseño en MIT, en un curso online en Español


Innovar Un Manifiesto de Acción. (Planeta Deusto 2018) I adapted the work to Spanish with Carlos Atanes, to make sure the Spanish edition reads like an original.

Join me and the Fundación Rafael Del Pino to learn about Innovating in Spanish. Las ideas que explico y ponemos en práctica en MIT, en Español, con la Fundación Rafael del Pino.
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A Society of Tinkerers

This is what's next: A Society of Tinkerers.
Read all about it in my article published by Epsilon Theory


On Artificial Intelligence

Since we are the ones building AI, whatever it does to us pretty much falls on us. What if we came up with one that's helpful rather than obsess over how what we build stands to end our species? Stay tuned for more on my take on Artificial Intelligence, AI in business, and making AI useful.
In the meantime, take a look at my talk at Cognylitica, this video from Big Think, and my conversation with Emily Chang and Selina Wang at Bloomberg